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Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
'clock this afttrnoon... he will address the nation about the economy... in a statement from thh east's a chaace for the newly re- &ppome of the big issues facing staving off the so-called fiscal cliff.the statement president's priorities moving a new study finds pregnancy tests can beejust as beneficial for ámená... aa po the ameeican cancer testicular cancer in men... byy dettctiig a cerrain hormone. that hormone is produced by the cellssof a oman'ss placenta during pregnancy... and it's also excreted by some couches, cars and now... áco-signnrs? ádesperate craiglist... in search of people to co-sign a loan foo them. the borrowerr often offer cash for a ssgnature... but is ttis a reaaly bad stacey coh-an is live from washingttn this mmrning with the sttry. good morning, stacey. - isn'' there also theepotential for scammers to try thhs tactic to steal your mooey? &pcoming up nexx... a tense night... on ""he xx factor."why thh judges had a harr time... sending one singer're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 we now kkow the top 12 on with mooe on last night's
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
it would pllnge the u-s economy back into recession. 3 we want an agreement. we want pn agreement. republicans and ddmoorats ave 48 days tt come up with that agreement, and avoid having the nation go over the so-called "fiscal cliff.""today,,ppesident obama will meet with top american c-e-os to get their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders went the tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in january, unless congress can compromise. thh president, like we are, aae committed to middle class and making sure that rich peeple pay their committed to that. if thinns don't change, tax cuts will expire for middle-income americaas in january. he tax policy center esttmates the increase of 35- hundree-dollarss "we typically get a refund and thinking that &pmight not be a possibility fo people who do useethat money at the end of the year for big exppnses that wuld be tough." democrats want higger taxes on currenn taxessrates for the miidle class. republicans want toocut government spending. a nnw poll shows many americans think lawmakerr are too far apart..half told ew research
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
reepblicans say that will hurt the economy."feeding the growth of government hrough higher tax rates on't help us solvv the problem." but he speeaer also signaaed what the table as long as it comes from tax eform and not higher thing that's clear-- lawmakers want the president to be involved in any deal-making"i think it's importanttfor s to come to an agreement with the president, buu this is his opportunity to lead."aad taxes aren't the only hang-up.congress also has to figure out how to reduce ppeedinggon entitlements like sociil security and medicare-- the demmcrats' sacred coww. with the balance of power unchanged on capitol hill-- finding ttat elusive coomon ground on these issues could be tough-- both in the lame duck session-- nd beyond.a the cliff appears most likely. "just give everybody a little bit of timee a little bit of breathing room to get back next year and, in the exactly how yyu aat o do t an- thhs and give everybody time tt negotiate quite frankky." it's sureebe a long and rocky road heed.athena ones, c-n- n, washington of the you think uee
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3